Why We Exist

Take2 is a social venture that provides justice-impacted individuals with the support, resources and opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Why We Exist

Hurt People Hurt People

Justice-impacted individuals need our acceptance and support to get back on their feet. Instead, they are often ridiculed, stigmatised and ostracised from our society, creating a significant social and fiscal cost.

People in prison have been exposed to violence within their lifetime, predominantly within their family.
Employers prefer hiring people with little experience or lengthy unemployment, rather than formerly incarcerated individuals.
Of people will reoffend within two years of release.
Cost per year to house someone in prison, and that cost is skyrocketing.
Punishment Is Expensive

Punishment Is Expensive,
Rehabilitation Is Not.

Almost all individuals will return to the community from the justice system. To break the cycle of crime and to create safer communities for everyone, we need to better invest in this population.

If we want people to come out of the prison system and to do better and be better, then we – as a society – have to take an active role in making that happen.

From Behind Bars And Beyond

Take2 is there every step of the journey, helping individuals in finding ways to overcome their challenges and secure employment opportunities.

Technology Skills
Advanced Life Skills
Community Support
From Behind Bars And Beyond

The Past Should Not Define
Who Someone Is Today

Take2 is committed to improving the well-being, confidence and skills of justice-impacted individuals to create hope for a bright and better future for themselves and their whānau.

We are committed to work with employers to help unlock the talent in the justice system and overcome the stigma of criminal convictions, ultimately helping justice-impacted individuals back into society and breaking the cycles of crime.

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The Past Should Not DefineWho Someone Is Today