A Second Chance At Life

Take2 helps to unlock the full potential of individuals within our justice system

Why Second Chances Matter

Why Second Chances Matter
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Take - Our Impact

Our Impact

Our participants say it best.

There is something deeply spiritual about our class. Maybe it's the diversity of heritage and faith or the self-imposed tikanga we hold ourselves and each other accountable to… Whatever it is, you can't deny the sincerity and mana of everyone involved with Take2.

Take 2 really feels like a second chance at life and has been a healing experience for me. I feel happy, confident and can see a bright and better future for myself and my family.

Learning isn’t a one-way road in Take2, it’s an open road between teachers and students that allow both to learn and grow together. This concept has profoundly accelerated my growth and development.

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Take2 is a very exciting prospect for New Zealand and I'm proud to be an ambassador to further the mission. I am very pro-rehabilitation and reintegration for those wrongly and actually, those rightfully convicted too. Unfortunately some of our most vulnerable people end up in our criminal justice systems. Sometimes all it takes is someone giving us a second chance.

Laura Nirider
International criminal justice expert, featured on Making a Murderer and West of Memphis
Laura Nirider

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