The training Take2 offers is just as necessary outside of the prison system as it is within. That’s why we deliver our programme to justice-impacted individuals both in corrections facilities and the community.

Take2nz community

Corrections Facilities

We currently deliver our programme to individuals at Auckland South Corrections Facility, with our expansion to other facilities within New Zealand starting in 2022.

Take2nz community


Our Take2 community hub is based in the heart of Newmarket. Our hub allows Take2 to deliver its transformative curriculum with students who are on parole and those serving community-based sentences.

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What we offer :

A program co-designed with corrections, incarcerated individuals and cultural experts

Self-paced curriculum to cater to all-levels of learning and backgrounds

Offline program to meet security requirements

Rolling admissions to maintain maximum use of your limited physical space

Holistic curriculum

Workshops delivered by leading organisations

Francois Meyer
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Since the beginning of Take2’s programme at Kohuora, I have been thoroughly impressed with the professional manner in which Take2 has managed the design, implementation, presentation and maintenance of this fantastic programme. I am consistently astounded by the ongoing support that this programme is enjoying from prominent community stakeholders and business/industry leaders... External providers like Take2 remind me that we can never facilitate a journey of “correction”, without the support of the communities, to which our men return.

Francois Meyer, Assistant Prison Director
Auckland South Corrections Facility

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