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The Take2 Program is your launchpad

The Take2 Program was created specifically for people serving a prison or community corrections sentence, or as we say “justice-impacted” individuals. We get it. Turning your life around is challenging. So let Take2 be your guide to help realise your potential.

Full Scholarships Available

No money? No problem! We got you. Thanks to our amazing partners who cover the cost, you can study without taking on debt.

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All Learning Equipment is Provided

We help you look the part! We give you your own workspace kitted out with a MacBook and monitor.

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Fast-Track to a Tech Career

Tech is the new go - this program can turn you into a full-stack web developer in just 9 months! Imagine creating websites and apps that could change the world.

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for Life

It's not just about coding. We'll equip you with life skills that matter – skills that help you thrive in both your personal and professional life.

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Real-World Wisdom

Learn from people who've been there and done that. Our industry experts bring their real-world experiences right into the classroom.

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Hands-On Fun

Get stuck in with workshops that let you practice what you learn. It's learning by doing, the best way to master new skills.

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Learn at Your Pace, With a Twist

We get it, life's busy. That's why we blend self-study with fun group workshops. Plus, you get one-on-one help whenever you need it. You're not alone on this journey!

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Step Into the Job Market

We understand. A criminal record gets in the way of landing a job. That’s why we work with New Zealand’s largest companies to help create job opportunities for Take2 graduates.

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Support All the Way

This journey can have its ups and downs. That's why we offer ongoing mentorship, counselling, and a community that's got your back!

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Transformation Stories From Take2s Alumni

Why Second Chances Matter
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Join The Movement To Provide Second Chances At Life

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Our employment partners include

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Your Journey

Ok, so what’s involved?
Join us for a 3-year comprehensive training and career support program.

Phase 1


9 - 12 months of advanced technology and life skills training

Goal: Upskilling
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Phase 2


24+ months of reintegration and career support

Goal: A Healthy Life
Phase 1


Web development curriculum - students train to become full-stack web developers in as little as 9-months.
Life skills curriculum - a holistic education focus to nurture our students into a more inspired and motivated way of thinking that prepares them for when they leave prison.
Guest speakers - regular talks in Take2’s classroom from New Zealand’s top business leaders.
Industry workshops - regular technical workshops from leading organisations within New Zealand.

Through mindfulness I am able to control and regulate my anxiety levels so that I am able to relax and focus myself.

Take2 Student
Phase 2


Take2 provides our graduates with long term support to ensure they have the best chance possible to succeed in the community.

Employment Opportunities

We work with industry to create apprenticeship opportunities, as well as provide work opportunities within our social enterprise, Elevate.


Our graduates are supported on a regular basis by tech professionals and business leaders. Our mentors guide graduates on their journey while normalising success in their eyes.


Many individuals in prison suffer from trauma. Moreover, the transition back into society from prison is challenging. Counselling helps our graduates successfully navigate this journey.


We foster an alumni group for our graduates to support each other. Having experienced a similar journey in and out of prison, Take2 graduates are best placed to empathise, encourage and support each other to achieve their goals.


We provide a laptop, internet, phone and phone plan. Connectivity is more important than ever. We provide the tools for our graduates to reconnect with friends and whanau, while also helping to progress their learning and job search.

Bank Account and ID

Too many people are released from prison without these fundamental logistics in place to participate in society. Without an ID, you cannot get a bank account. Without a bank account, you cannot receive government support on release.

Personal Finances

It’s important our graduates have a budget in place and receive assistance around debt consolidation to help get back on their feet.

Thriving Phase 2
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What do I have to do to get on the program?

Scholarship Eligibility Process

Currently serving a community corrections sentence.

No stereotypical profile; we welcome individuals willing to turn their lives around.

We target those who show an aptitude and a proven positive attitude.

Coding skills are not a prerequisite; the ability and willingness to learn are key.

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Apply Today And Join Our Community Of Learners Motivated For A Chance At A Fulfilling Career In Technology.

Following your application, you will have to earn your place through a 2-step interview process. We make a big investment in you, and we want to focus on individuals who will invest in us in return!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my specific offending matter?

Do I need coding experience to apply?

How long is the training program?

What support is provided post-release?

What country is this open to?

Do I need to have completed high school or university to qualify?

Is there going to be an exam/test before enrollment?

Will there be a project at the end of the program?

Is Take2 open to everyone? Are there individuals who cannot apply for this program?

Is the programme open to all genders?